The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the symbol of hope. It gives hope in the times that are dark, and directs you to safety in times of trouble. The Lighthouse understands its purpose, and willingly leads you to the point of refuge in a storm.

We are constantly facing rough waters in life. There is a sense of defeat, that causes us to have a deep desire to let the current take you. Do not give up for you are called to surrender to The Lighthouse. Continue to climb every step of life, and only raise your hands to the sky up above. As you continue the spiral direction to the very top, you will only get closer to your true identity that rests within the heart of the Lighthouse. You will radiate the light the shines through you from the very Lighthouse itself, so you can begin a journey that aligns with everything from above. 

In life we struggle, when the decision is made to stop swimming against the current and surrender to the Lighthouse, it is life changing. Listen to the path of the ultimate Navigator, and do not let anyone stop you or tear you down as you make your journey towards succeeding and fulfilling the dreams that live deep inside your light.

When we surrender to the Lighthouse, we may lose a lot, but we have the only safe place on our side, the One who has a firm foundation, and stands tall, guiding-The Lighthouse.

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