Look Up

Today is a day to look up. It is a day of meditation, and a day to rest in the positivity that surrounds you. Last night I was mediating in The Word and began to focus on the fact there should be no confidence in the flesh. Often times our physical body tell us that there is no way we can ever achieve our deepest passions, and as I was reading it stated that we need to forget what is behind and strain to press toward what is ahead. Our duty is to press on towards the goal that is set in front of us. It came to me that we need to change our mindset, and focus on the things above. It is time to look up, and to look forward at the things that are coming, and not on the things that are behind us. 

We are to transform our bodies into a temple. Yes, you are a precious temple and inside you contain the most precious gems, and talents. Do not let your flesh pull you away from the goal. Surround yourself with people who pull you towards your goal. I never thought I would be where I am today, but when you leave the flesh, and place yourself as a beautiful temple with your arms lifted high, the doors of the kingdom open up. When you place your thoughts in the flesh, it is a loss, but when we look up, and let the King reign in our temple their is an unmeasurable amount of freedom.

You are known by the King. You are His. Even though there are battles that constantly drag you into the dirt, these are lies that are telling you that you are only a result of the ups and downs of life. With the Creator there is only consistency, even when we cannot feel it. You are more than the ups and downs, these do not define you. You are defined as a palace that is not built on fear, but on the love of the King.




  • Love the thought that our Creator and King always offers us consistency and love. There are no shadows from Him moving away from us. Thank you for the image of being a palace built for King Jesus!

    Sandy Czubiak
  • So true! Love this!


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