Meet Escuela Jerusalèn

A new project is on the rise here at submersion14 Inc. Meet Escuela (School) Jerusalèn! Escuela (School) Jerusalèn is the poorest school in Peronía, Guatemala with 261 children who attend. The school is ran by 7 teachers who make around $80/ month, which is not nearly enough to sustain a living. The students of the school live in extreme poverty and we believe that if we provide a better learning environment, including restrooms, we can help break the cycle of generational poverty.   

We Need Your Help.

The school grounds.

Phase 1:

The first project that we are working towards is providing restrooms for the students. You can help make this possible. Currently, there is only a cinder block structure with no doors and 1 toilet that does not work. The community only receives water once every 48 hours from the government.

The current restrooms.


Phase 2

Provide backpacks and school supplies for students and teachers. This project includes:· Providing the supplies on the list the teachers provided.· Give submersion14 backpacks to the students.

Phase 3

Part 3 of the project is updating and maintaining the current school grounds. This project includes:
·Concrete over entire school yard with an open area to have a soccer field·Seal and paint the school buildings· Update playground· Expand the kitchen- provide an area to serve lunch· Update the kitchen

Give for the Restrooms:

Your donation provides:

  • 9 toilets
  • 9 metal doors
  • Double hand washing station
  • Water tank to supply water in the "dry" times.
  • Concrete for restroom flooring because it gets very muddy when it rains.