Drawing Deeper

Have you ever been to the ocean, and you look out to the horizon, and everything seems consistent, smooth, and in perfect unison?

Sometimes this is how people live, it’s a surface lifestyle creating a visual that everything in life is perfect, smooth, and in sync with every wave that passes through. What happens though when you plunge deeper and break the surface of the water?

Life becomes beautifully messy. When the surface breaks, and the water crashes over, the reality of the ocean hits. The colorful fish become evident and the coral reef begins to show its diversity, just like this world- we did deeper to find our true colors and the colors of those around us.

Living a life on the surface seems comfortable, but comfort only comes from not trusting in your abilities. It is deeper than that, breaking the water gives so much more perspective. There are many opportunities, fish to meet, and coral to discover. Live with intent and a heart on fire, swimming so deep, there is only One who can guide you.

Going deeper stretches us to new boundaries and breaks the barriers of comfort. Jesus calls us deeper, and it can be scary. The ocean can be scary too, but rely on the Great Compass during the storm, for He will direct you on a straight path.

Go deeper today and find who are. Place your trust in Jesus because He longs for your heart. Go deeper with Him, and prepare yourself for the greatest adventure than ever before.


  • I am touched !
    I am blessed to live by the beach.
    I can visualize and have my own understanding of the movements of the ocean, it’s surroundings, people and their dogs in which I may meet. I open my eyes and heart to the lord for guidance and I see beauty in all !
    Whether I’m at the beach or not my eyes, heart and soul are opened!

  • Love this so much ❤️ It’s so hard trusting God enough to let ourselves let him take control but when we do he always has something greater than we could ever imagine planned for us 😊

  • Good word! It’s so true, the greatest adventures are found the deeper we go in our walk with Him! Awesome site friend, way to go!! Excited to see where this new adventure takes you!

    Heidi Fox

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